Image and data processing

For many years US companies are systematically using the advantages India offers for data input and management – more and more European companies are now as well considering to outsource these services to India. While data entry cost are significantly lower in India compared to the US or Europe, the quality of service is significantly higher because Outsource Professional Services only employs staff with university degrees to manage the data input and analyses. We are working for many US and European companies to provide these services and are offering a constanly growing portfolio of services: Data entry
  • Data entry
  • Data capturing
  • Data correction and cleansing
  • Data analyses
  • Data maintenance
  • Directories
  • OCR
Data conversion
  • Data format conversions
  • Document conversion
  • Digitalization
  • XML conversion
  • Others
Catalog services
  • Product catalog development
  • Catalog maintenance
Image editing
  • Enhancement of your graphics
  • Photo editing

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