About Us

Outsource Professional Services is a brand owned by Outsource2India. We have our headquarters in Germany and the UK since 2006 and are looking to open an office in the US in order to better serve the US market. Our India based operations have existed since 2000 and today, more than 700 employees are providing a wide portfolio of professional services for our clients in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. From the very beginning, it has been our mission to provide the highest quality services across an entire service portfolio while ensuring a strong local presence at our client sites and ensuring that the outsourced services fully meet their quality and professional requirements. We are working hard to deliver against our proposition to be the best quality service provider for any of our services. For this reason we are now opening offices in different European markets and hiring local outsourcing experts which are familiar with the Indian market. Outsource Professional Services want to make sure that your outsourcing venture is a full success and work side by side with you from strategy design through implementation. Most importantly, we deliver the benefits we sign up for.

Our clients are convinced about our business model and appreciate the following advantages:
  • Recognition and systematic assessment of local US / European requirements in particular with regards to required service quality

  • Exclusive cooperation with the best professionals for each of our service offerings in India – across many of our service offerings the available know how and expertise is higher than in the US or Europe (in particular, IT, web development and software)

  • Ensuring a seamless transition from the status quo to the outsourcing business model

  • Achievement of significant cost savings from outsourcing both administrative as well as strategic and complex processes

Our European management team has years of experience in senior management, sourcing and outsourcing consulting across the US, Europe and Asia and is ensuring the success of your outsourcing venture.

Dr. Jan von der Decken – Founder and Director

Dr. Jan von der Decken has over 40 years of professional experience and works for over 30 years as an independent management consultant. He is driving the international expansion of Outsource Professional Services and Outsource2India across Europe and the US. Dr. von der Decken has significant experience across research, engineering, software and e-learning development across a broad range of industries.

Dr. von der Decken is successful founder and Honorary Chairman of AC&S, Aerospace, Consulting & Services.